Our Mission:

Gender Equality

Working with schools, homes and businesses to bring about gender equality. 

Challenging gender imbalance through a growing community of supporters. 

Join us!

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A Platform to make Gender Equality accessible to all

Achieving gender equality is complex. Our platform has been designed to simplify it.

For homes, schools and businesses, we break the task of achieving gender equality down into small, manageable chunks, prioritised especially for you.

All you have to do is complete an online questionnaire.  

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A Community Of Change - to end gender imbalance 

Today homes and families join our vibrant GEC Community, an active and engaged community of parents, grandparents, teachers, experts and advocates, all with one mission in mind: End Gender Imbalance.  

Join us on Twitter where we have over 2000 experts, parents, teachers and advocates sharing, debating and discussing in a very active daily mission to grow our community and share ideas and messages.

Join Parents for Gender Equality our Facebook group for parents and grandparents to debate and share interesting and thought provoking topics and articles daily.

We are currently fundraising to create a GEC Community of Change: a hub to house our active and engaged community so we can harness the power of their engagement and bring all our resources together in one place to take real steps to end Gender Imbalance


thousand pounds Raised

We need to raise one hundred thousand pounds to create a platform to house our questionnaires and rich resource packs and to create a central hub for our vibrant and active community. 



months to build our community

We have achieved so much in under a year, we want to carry on serving our community and we'd love your help to do it; spread the word, share links, Tweet us or donate to help us build our platform. 



Thousand schools in the uk 

Will get access to our platform once it is built. Lesson plans, debate frameworks, videos, fresh topics for discussion and action plans for how to make real changes.   

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Our People

The GEC was founded to be a collaborative hub and a vibrant community. We wanted to bring together all the fantastic people we have met on our gender equality journey and all the fantastic work that has already been done. 

Our people are everything to us, we would love you to be one of them. 

Cat Wildman & Nicole Ponsford

The GEC Founders 

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October 2017

Don’t fail to see the problem. See the problem and act on it.

Act on it by noticing. Just notice what your children are watching, and wearing and reading. Notice the messages they’re picking up. And notice whether you are OK with them. If you’re not OK with them, do something. Talk to your kids, change the channel, walk past the toy, don’t buy the t-shirt. That’s all you have to do to start making a difference.

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Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved with The GEC. 

We love to collaborate. 


Sign Up to the charter

Whether you are a home or family, part of a school or business, read our charter and sign up and we will notify you as soon as our platform is ready. In the mean time please follow us @gendercharter

get involved 

Are you an expert in your field? Do you code, design, write or conduct research? Maybe you are an influencer and have a great network, whatever your skillset we want you to be involved. 

Make a Donation

We want to build a platform to help make gender equality accessible to everyone and a hub to house our Community of Change. If you are in a position to help us, please donate as much as you are able. 

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